City of Auburn

Auburn Michigan

Fire Department


Fire Station Located at:
1090 W. Midland Road
Auburn, MI 48611

Administrative Office: (989) 662-2699

Auburn-Williams Fire District and Fire Department serves the City of Auburn, and the Township of Williams. The Fire Department is a force of 36 Volunteer Members.

The City Treasurer performs all treasurer duties required by federal, state and local laws, the City Charter and the City Commission.

Timeline and History of the Auburn-Williams Fire Department

The AWFD was formed in 1949 when a group of men came together to help protect the community of Auburn and the Township of Williams. Training at that time was very basic. Derrill Coger Sr. was elected Chief of the department. A basic pump truck and water tanker was purchased by the township. In 1957 the city purchased a pumper also of which the color was a special green, not ever seen before because red was the normal color of choice for a fire truck.

Training has changed over the years from a simple on the job training to the state mandating a 66 hour course in FF training to the current of everyone going through a 270 hour FF I and FF II training academy & special training to respond to a hazardous material leak. Also around the end of 1979, more people were requesting for medical help when calling for an ambulance. So fire departments stepped up and began training there members for medical emergencies. Most of our firefighters are Medical First Responders, Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic trained.

The firefighters also very involved in going to local schools and organizations to do fire prevention education. We teach the stop, drop and roll in case you are on fire, not to play with matches, and have an escape plan in case of a fire. We also stress the importance of having a working smoke detector.

Currently we have 34 firefighters on the department responding to over 550 calls a year, with most of them being in house medical calls. All the firefighters are volunteer and do not get paid for the time spent responding to calls or training.

Anyone wishing to join the department can go to our website or call 662-2699 for an application.