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Worried About Your Drinking Water and Lead?

This photo shows a pipe with properly treated water. Phosphate treatment deposits a thin layer, or coating, on the inside of pipes. This prevents contamination of you drinking water from materials such as lead and copper.

The City of Auburn’s water source is White Stone Point near Au Gres. The water in the bay and Lake Huron is different from  that in the Flint River. If you have questions, call us at 662-6761.

Water Quality Reports

2022 Auburn Water Quality Report

2021 Auburn Water Quality Report

2019 Auburn Water Quality Report (link distributed in the Spring 2020 Newsletter)

2018 Auburn Water Quality Report  (link distributed in the Summer 2019 Newsletter)

2017 Auburn Water Quality Report  (distributed in the Summer 2018 Newsletter)

2016 Auburn Water Quality Report (distributed in the Summer 2017 Newsletter)

2015 Auburn Water Quality Report (distributed in the May-June 2016 Newsletter)

2014 Auburn Water Quality Report (distributed in the Spring 2015 Newsletter)

Water & Sewer Billing Information

Do you need more time to pay your Utility Bill? Fill out a payment agreement form. 

Water Bill Payment Plan Form

For online payment and ACH setup options go to Utility Payments 

To receive an accurate bill when you move in / move out of a residence in Auburn submit a 

Request for Final Utility Bill.

If you have any questions on your Water/Sewer Bill, please contact Utility Billing at 989-662-6761 Monday – Thursday between 8:30 – 4:30 or by email at


Forms & Additional Resources

If you are in need of Water Service or Sewer Connection please fill out the below forms and submit to City Hall.

Application and Order for Installation of Water Service 

Sewer Connection Permit

Water Meter Permit (Second Meters)