City of Auburn

Auburn Michigan

Plans & Ordinances

Ordinances for the City of Auburn have been approved over the years to give guidelines to residents as to what is and is not permitted in order to keep our community safe and desirable for all residents.  Ordinances are added as the need arises.  The Master Plan is an on-going process that changes as the City grows and develops into a larger community.
Code of Ordinances

The Code of Ordinances for the City of Auburn serves as the laws of the city. The Code of Ordinances started in 1947 when the City of Auburn was first established. The Code is adopted by the City Commission and can only be changed by the City Commission. Within the Code of Ordinances is Title XV:Land Usage, with comprises of our Planning & Zoning Ordinances for land use within the City of Auburn.

American Legal Publishing

The City contracts with American Legal Publishing Corporation to maintain and update the code when changes occur. Part of the City’s contract makes the Code available for staff and citizens through the American Legal gateway.

Access the Auburn Code of Ordinances