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Bay County Mosquito Control

Learn about Bay County’s newest mosquito.

A new mosquito species has been found in Bay County. Arriving in 2005. Aedes japonicas were first found in low numbers in two sampling locations. Since then, it has spread throughout the county and has been trapped and sampled in increasing numbers. This exotic mosquito originated in Japan and was first discovered in the United States in 1998 – most likely introduced in used tires. Ae. Japonicas is a medium-sized blackish-brown mosquito with white scales on its body and legs.

It is suspected of being a vector of Japanese encephalitis in its native Japan and has been shown as a competent vector of West Nile virus (WNV) in laboratory settings. It has also been found infected with WNV in wild populations. We will continue to track its spread and proliferation through a variety of sampling techniques. As with other biting insects, the use of protective clothing (long-sleeved shirts) and insect repellent is recommended to prevent bites.

Homeowners Help with Control

Aedes japonicas females will lay eggs in a variety of habitats, including roadside ditches, cross country drains, and man-made containers like a bucket. Like many other summertime species, Aedes japonicas can complete its life cycle and emerge as a biting adult within seven days. That is why it’s imperative to eliminate container habitats or dump water from them to prevent the spread of this mosquito.

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