City of Auburn

Auburn Michigan

City Permits

The City of Auburn issues Fence, Sign, and Solicitor Permits at City Hall during normal business hours.
Please allow for 3 – 5 business days for permits to be approved.

 Permit Application Ordinance
Fence Fence Permit Application Fence Ordinance
SignSign Permit ApplicationSign Ordinance
Solicitor, Canvasser
or Peddler
Solicitor, Canvasser or Peddler Permit ApplicationSolicitor, Canvasser or Peddler Ordinance

Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Permits are issued through a 3-step process.

First: you need to present your request to the City Zoning Officer, the City Administrator, with drawings, proper information for what you want to do. 

Second: He will review it and determine if what you want to do is allowed. This may take several days. If it is allowed he will determine if just a city permit is required, or if you have to go to the Planning & Zoning Board for approval or if he can issue you a City Permit which allows you to go to the Township Code Authority for them to know what you want to do meets our Zoning Ordinance. You will need to bring your drawings, site plan, etc to them for their review for State Codes. They will review your plan and issue what permits are required including site inspections if necessary. This “City Permit” is required to be presented to the Township Code Authority or your request will be denied.

Third: If it is determined what you want to do is not allowed, you have the option of you going before the Zoning Board of Appeals to see if they would allow it or not. Your request still may be denied.

More information can be found under the Building Department’s page of this website.

Other Miscellaneous Permits:

Water Meter Permit Application
Sidewalk/Driveway Permit Application