City of Auburn

Auburn Michigan

City Mayor

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The positions of Mayor and Commissioners are non-partisan and nominated by petition. Residents interested in running for elected office should contact the City Clerk to obtain a petition and filing deadline information.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Mayor:

The Mayor shall be the executive head of the City. He shall have a vote in the proceedings of the Commission. He shall be the presiding officer of the Commission.

The Mayor is the administrative and executive head of the city. The Mayor’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for Auburn citizens by providing a clear vision, strong leadership, and quality services. The Mayor is committed to moving the City of Auburn forward by creating an environment that will foster planned economic growth, increase population, preserve and improve City assets and encourage effective and efficient operations. Pride, respect for all individuals, high ethical standards, teamwork, and the achievement of excellence are essential qualities that are continually stressed and strived for by the Mayor in the City of Auburn.

The Mayor shall authenticate by his signature such instrument as the Commission, this Charter, or the laws of the State of Michigan or the United States shall require.

City Commission & Boards Application

If you are interested in sitting on a City Board or Commission, please fill out the form Application for City Boards and Commissions and fax to 989-662-0240, email to the City Clerk or drop off at City Hall at 113 E. Elm St, Auburn, MI 48611.

Lee Kilbourn

Term: 2 years

(989) 859-7004