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The City of Auburn and Williams Charter Township have joined over the years in many successful ventures including the Auburn-Williams Fire Department, the Auburn-Williams Recreation Association, and contracting for administration of the Michigan Building Code.  Both the City of Auburn and Williams Charter Township are members of the West Bay County Regional Wastewater System.

At a time when governmental units are realizing decreasing revenues, it is necessary and fitting to look towards methods to deliver essential governmental services in the most cost effective way to the residents, businesses and property owners of Williams Charter Township and the City of Auburn.

It was in that context that the Auburn City Commission adopted a Resolution to Consolidate Governmental Services with Williams Township at an Auburn City Commission Meeting on July 2, 2007.  The Williams Township Board of Trustees adopted a similar Resolution Supporting Intergovernmental Cooperation at a Williams Township Board of Trustees Meeting on August 14, 2007.  As a result of these two resolutions, a Special Meeting of the Auburn City Commission and Williams Charter Township Board of Trustees was held on April 24, 2008. 

It was the consensus of the City Commission and Township Board members at the special meeting that the city and township should continue to actively explore opportunities to work together that make sense for both communities.  If areas of mutual interest are identified, then the city and township should carefully explore the possibilities. 

Formulation of an Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (I.A.C.) was discussed as a method to further explore areas of possible cooperation between both governmental entities.  Committee meetings are posted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act and the public is encouraged to attend.

It is important to note that the City and Township operate under very different enabling statues and regulations and that there is not a desire to merge the two governmental units.  It is the I.A.C.’s purpose to identify areas of mutual interest in both municipalities and to carefully research the possibilities of combining the effort in identified areas.  The goal is to determine if cost savings can be realized while providing the same or better level of service.

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Next AWIAC Meeting

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Williams Township Offices 
1080 W. Midland Road, Auburn, MI 48611

All meetings will be posted at Auburn City Hall and at Williams Township Hall in compliance with the Michigan Open Meetings Act.


Auburn-Williams Intergovernmental Advisory Committee Members

City Representative
Auburn Mayor
William Twp Supervisor
City Commission Rep.
City Representative
City Representative
Williams Twp. Trustee
Williams Twp. Trustee Alt.
Twp. Representative
Twp. Representative


Lee Kilbourn

Will Butterfield

Ryan Gwizdala

Robert Putt
Ron Kohn